IN FOCUS | Dirt Racing Documentary – A Night at the Track – Valley Speedway

Another very special video for you from our local bull ring, Valley Speedway! I went out on a chilly April fool’s day and after contacting the authorities, I set about getting you the best video shots from the first night of racing at the track. This is a primer for anyone interested in dirt racing. We’ll go through the process of the first night of racing for a season, from arriving, to prep, through each of the races and finally, photos with the winners! This has been my biggest labor of love on this channel to date and I hope you like all the effort to make this vid as informative as I could. Almost 200 video clips and over 80 hours of editing, narrating and searching music. I hope you will give it the thumbs up and share the video as much as you can. Let’s get these hard working local drivers some well deserved attention! Peace and speed!

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